The Desperate Non Cubicle Job

After my last job that I talked about I got real desperate.  I needed a job asap.  I needed a job for a number of reasons such as

  • Bordom
  • Money
  • Sense of purpose
  • Resume filler

But the main one being money and I really hated sitting still and being bored.  I am a true believer that if you are out doing stuff good opportunities will naturally find their way to you.

So I took a job as a limo driver.  One of the main reasons I took the job was I thought it would be a good way to network with some bigwigs that drove around in limos all day.  Boy was I wrong with that assumption.  I will get to more of that later in the article.

I found a really good limo company to work for

I have nothing but good stuff to say about that company.  Trust me while driving I ran across a lot of sketchy limo companies.  I swear some of them were in business just so the owner and their friends could go out on the weekends in their own lime.  I know it sounds kind of crazy but its true.  And who knows what they did in them because who was going to stop them because it was their own limo.  Yuck is all I got to say.

But the company I worked for was really professional and did a great job and keeping their limos clean and serviced well.  I don’t know about the other companies but our fleet was in amazing shape at all times.  I was really proud to be driving one of out vehicles.

I got to drive a Mercedes limo which was amazing because I was really driving the top of the fleet.  I loved that car.  As I said earlier I thought I would be driving around A list individuals if you know what I mean but that never happened.  I don’t know who they go with for limos but it was not us.

I usually had to drive around a bunch of drunk idiots that were out on the town for the night.  Those people were usually really awesome or horrible because either they tipped awesome or not at all.  Their was really was no in between with them.  Bachelor and Bachelorette parties were usually a lot of fun because you usually always had the sober planner that planned everything and already figured out the tip ahead of time.  You would think those type of parties would be horrible but they were not that bad actually.  But I really liked the Prom and Homecoming crowds.  The kids were always in and polite and had no idea what they were doing.  A lot of times I had to help the conversation because they were all so shy and nervous.  Now if it was just a group of girls or boys going together I could not get them to shut up but that was okay because I remember when I was that age and was doing that type of stuff.  Brought back good memories.

But in the end the job had to go because it was not a stepping stone to anywhere.  All it was, was a crummy check.  I think I had the right idea of it being a way of meeting and networking with people but it never really worked out.  I hear being a Uber driver is a good way of doing networking.  Maybe I will try that next.

It actually was an awesome experience but since I was out all night I could find a job during the day because I was sleeping.

But I can ow put that job on the list as one of my non cubicle adventures.