Non Cubicle Disaster

Most of my jobs have been in cubicles but I have had some that were primarily outside the office.

I tried the work form home bit for a while.  It sounds real enticing and glamorous because you can work in your pajamas and take a break whenever you want.  But in reality it was really lonely and miserable.

The job was made to sound like it was going to be the dream job where I can make my own hours and do whatever I wanted as long as the work got done.  The company actually was a really good company to work for that really worked with their employees.  I feel that if the circumstances were different I would have been with that company a long time.  The company was Nike of all companies.

I am a huge sports enthusiast and really love anything sports.  Plus I grew up in the 80’s when Nike had really cool commercials so I love the brand.  So I thought I landed my dream job.  Actually I did land my dream job but working at home ended up being a nightmare for me.

It gets real lonely when you work at home.  It’s really isolating and just not good.  It seemed like my purpose was gone and I didn’t care about my appearance or anything anymore.

My excitement and interaction with people everyday was when I went to Starbucks and the grocery store everyday.  You could say I felt like a walking zombie.

Their is also some satisfaction when you are able to leave work and then come home and purely relax.  When you work form home that luxury is just gone because you are always at work and you are always thinking why should I not be doing some work since I am home here and so is my office.  So in reality I was working around the clock and I had no time to let loos and real at home.  My home because a dungeon.

I was starting to hate my personal compute and my home.  Maybe I was going a little crazy but oh well that happens I guess.

Their is something to be said about being in an office and around people.  You may think that you can’t stand some of the people you work with but in reality they make for some really good stories at the bar after work with your friends and coworkers.

The office environment is actually pretty cool.  We are made to think it sucks but in all reality it is fun and entertaining.  Plus it’s really nice to leave it and put it behind you when it’s time to go home of the night.  And the water cooler talk is the best.  Every office I have been in has had awesome water cooler gossip.  I love the water cooler gossip.  I say leave the home behind and work at an actual office.  If you’re an outside salesman where your house is your home base that is different but an office job at home suck and I would not recommend that to anyone.

I say bee cool and stay in an office.

Unfortunately I had to quit that job because I was literally going nuts at home.  I loved the job and the company but for my own mental health I had to move on.