My Second Cubicle

This story is obviously going to be about my second most glorious job.  I’m sure you can tell by the title that this is about my second job.  Now don’t think that you are going to start seeing a pattern here.  I am not going to be naming every post here my 3rd or 4th cubicle but I figured I might as well name this my second cubicle.

My second job was less glamorous and a lot less fun than my first job.  This one I was actually qualified for and it was the typical start at the bottom type of job.  It was one of those jobs you see at every college job fair.  The typical dead end resume builder job.  You know the ones with crappy pay and crappy hours but have the promise of gaining you experience so you can either move up the ladder or get hired on some where else that needs someone with some type of experience.

And yes this job was Enterprise Rent A Car.

Yes go ahead and laugh but it really was a good starter job.  It was good for me to gain some confidence and see how capable I really was.

What I was really surprised by was I was actually really with.  If you have just an ounce of common sense then you have what it takes to succeed in the rental car game.  I was amazed by how many people last basic common sense.  I really felt like I was Einstein some times.

I was your basic B average student in college.  I was not naturally smart but worked hard to get my B average.

But for some reason when you get to the working world you have this sense that everyone is smarter than you.  But what you soon realize is that everyone actually is not.  What it really comes down to is that the people that hove confidence and take action combined with common sense are the ones that get ahead. It seemed like a lot of the people at my office at this job had none of that.

When I walked into the room it would go silent because people wanted to hear what I was going to say and what direction to go.

I would have to say that this was an excellent starter job and it was really good at showing my that it really was not that hard to get started in the working world and that I could do what it takes to support myself.

I actually tried hard at this job even though in reality I really did not have to try but I at least put in a good effort.  It’s easy to have a positive attitude and try hard when you feel like you are a rock star and are really appreciated.  I will never forget that feeling because it really made me try hard at my job.  I don’t know but I think Enterprise was and is really onto something.  If your employees feel good about themselves they will work hard.  That is a concept you will hear me talk about a lot because it is something I run into a lot on both sides of the coin.

I soon moved onto a bigger and better job after that but I will never forget it.

It was a truly fun and good job.