My First Cubicle

First of all please check out my about me page to learn who I am and kind of what this website is going to be about.

As you know already I probably have had every possible crappy job their is to have that involves being stuck in a cubicle.  I have had some jobs that are outside a cubicle but those are all high school and before type jobs.

I don’t know how it is possible but I probably know all of the manufactures of cubicles and office furniture because I have spent countless hours staring at the walls of so many cubicles.  I honestly would have to say that my 2 favorite manufactures of office furniture and cubicles is Steelcase and Herman Miller.  Thats right I have had some high class cubicle jobs because their stuff is not cheap by any means.  Go ahead and check out their prices for yourself and make sure you are sitting down first.

So I figure it is only prudent to talk about my first and very brief cubicle job in my very first post.

Drum please.

Right out of college I got a job and it was actually very high level as an insurance broker.

I literally only lasted 2 weeks.  I felt like I was Kramer in that one episode of Seinfeld where he somehow got a job and he went for a while and acted important and he and nobody else really knew what he was doing.

Yes that was me.

I conned my way into the job to agreeing to everything in the interview and they hired me on the spot and unfortunately I could not say no on the spot.  So I accepted it graciously and took the signing bonus and spent it all at the bar that night celebrating.  Celebrating what I didn’t know but I was celebrating.

Then the first day came and I literally just sat in my cubicle waiting for the training to start.  Eventually the training which lasted a day and then I went back to my cubicle and started to stare at the wall for a few hours thinking what was I doing and then started to read the training material.

The next couple of weeks was kind of a blur because I was lost and had no idea what I was doing on.  The best part of the day was going to lunch with everyone and getting bombed.  Then I would come back and take a short nap to sleep off the food and beer.

And then afterwork I would go out with everyone and drink and pretend with them that we loved our job.  I usually would get blacked out make an ass out of myself and then take a taxi home and do it all over again the next day.

After 2 weeks of totally faking it and not even really trying because I really hated everything about the company I quit.  I had dreams of doing the rage quit by throwing everything all over the place, yelling at my boss and storming out but that really didn’t happen at all.

At the end of the day I walked into my bosses office and said I was quitting.  My boss was cool about it because he said he was going to fire me any ways because he could tell I was not a good fit.  So we then preceded to go out to the bar and get hammered together.  He is actually a really goes friend on mine today.  Kind of weird but true.

Work friendships can be kind of weird like that.  Kind of hard to explain but true.  Most are extremely fake but sone are real.  I will go into that in later posts because I have had my fair share of work friendships and know what they are all about.