The Cubicle That Changed Everything

You May think that everyone of my experiences in a cubicle was bad but as I said some were really good and eye opening.

My fourth cubicle was one of those.  It was an amazing job.

It was for an e-commerce and they sold copper coat hangers.

I know that it does not sound very glamorous because we were selling hangers but believe it or not it was a hot company and the people I worked with were amazing.  I honestly could not wait to go into work everyday.  We had a mission and a purpose and it was a lot of fun.

The energy in the office was amazing.  We were in cubicle but they were open cubicles and we just had fun.  Don’t get me wrong about having fun.  We had fun but we worked our butts off.  We would get in early and leave late a lot of times.

In fact the owner would get mad at us a lot because we were working too much.

He was a true believer that their needed to be a work life balance.  People that work too hard and too much will burn out eventually and their ideas will burn.  Therefore we had an unlimited vacation policy with a mandatory 3 week vacation policy.  The unlimited vacation was meant for when you wanted to take a long weekend or have to stay home because of a sick kid.  Because lets face it when you are home you really are still kind of working or when you fly across the country for Christmas to stay with family you definitely are still working because you beed an excuse to get away.  It sounds kind of complicated but it all just worked out one way or another.

Their was trust all the way around and that crated for an amazing work experience.

But back to the product which was hangers which we sold online.  Who would have thought hangers would have been a hot commodity but they actually are.  Everyone needs them and wants them all the time at reasonable prices.  Their are actually different styles of hangers and that is what amazed me.  I always thought hangers were hangers and obviously they are not.

Which got me thinking.  One always thinks that in order to make a lot of money you have to have this big grand idea and make this huge business.  In reality with the internet all you have to do is find a product that people buy everyday and make it a little unique and affordable and you will sell a lot.  Like hangers, pencils or cell phone cases.

When I thought about this the world opened up to me.  I was transformed and ideas just kept flowing into my mind and the world for once was my oyster.

All I can say was that this cubicle was definitely one I wished I could have stayed at forever.  It was fun and inspiring.  I actually wanted to go to work believe it or not.

But the party eventually had to end.  The company somehow got absorbed into Amazon.  The details were not really clear to me what happened but all I know I was out of a job and I had bills to pay so I had to put my dreams and inspirations on hold for a while.