The Desperate Non Cubicle Job

After my last job that I talked about I got real desperate.  I needed a job asap.  I needed a job for a number of reasons such as

  • Bordom
  • Money
  • Sense of purpose
  • Resume filler

But the main one being money and I really hated sitting still and being bored.  I am a true believer that if you are out doing stuff good opportunities will naturally find their way to you.

So I took a job as a limo driver.  One of the main reasons I took the job was I thought it would be a good way to network with some bigwigs that drove around in limos all day.  Boy was I wrong with that assumption.  I will get to more of that later in the article.

I found a really good limo company to work for

I have nothing but good stuff to say about that company.  Trust me while driving I ran across a lot of sketchy limo companies.  I swear some of them were in business just so the owner and their friends could go out on the weekends in their own lime.  I know it sounds kind of crazy but its true.  And who knows what they did in them because who was going to stop them because it was their own limo.  Yuck is all I got to say.

But the company I worked for was really professional and did a great job and keeping their limos clean and serviced well.  I don’t know about the other companies but our fleet was in amazing shape at all times.  I was really proud to be driving one of out vehicles.

I got to drive a Mercedes limo which was amazing because I was really driving the top of the fleet.  I loved that car.  As I said earlier I thought I would be driving around A list individuals if you know what I mean but that never happened.  I don’t know who they go with for limos but it was not us.

I usually had to drive around a bunch of drunk idiots that were out on the town for the night.  Those people were usually really awesome or horrible because either they tipped awesome or not at all.  Their was really was no in between with them.  Bachelor and Bachelorette parties were usually a lot of fun because you usually always had the sober planner that planned everything and already figured out the tip ahead of time.  You would think those type of parties would be horrible but they were not that bad actually.  But I really liked the Prom and Homecoming crowds.  The kids were always in and polite and had no idea what they were doing.  A lot of times I had to help the conversation because they were all so shy and nervous.  Now if it was just a group of girls or boys going together I could not get them to shut up but that was okay because I remember when I was that age and was doing that type of stuff.  Brought back good memories.

But in the end the job had to go because it was not a stepping stone to anywhere.  All it was, was a crummy check.  I think I had the right idea of it being a way of meeting and networking with people but it never really worked out.  I hear being a Uber driver is a good way of doing networking.  Maybe I will try that next.

It actually was an awesome experience but since I was out all night I could find a job during the day because I was sleeping.

But I can ow put that job on the list as one of my non cubicle adventures.

The Cubicle That Changed Everything

You May think that everyone of my experiences in a cubicle was bad but as I said some were really good and eye opening.

My fourth cubicle was one of those.  It was an amazing job.

It was for an e-commerce and they sold copper coat hangers.

I know that it does not sound very glamorous because we were selling hangers but believe it or not it was a hot company and the people I worked with were amazing.  I honestly could not wait to go into work everyday.  We had a mission and a purpose and it was a lot of fun.

The energy in the office was amazing.  We were in cubicle but they were open cubicles and we just had fun.  Don’t get me wrong about having fun.  We had fun but we worked our butts off.  We would get in early and leave late a lot of times.

In fact the owner would get mad at us a lot because we were working too much.

He was a true believer that their needed to be a work life balance.  People that work too hard and too much will burn out eventually and their ideas will burn.  Therefore we had an unlimited vacation policy with a mandatory 3 week vacation policy.  The unlimited vacation was meant for when you wanted to take a long weekend or have to stay home because of a sick kid.  Because lets face it when you are home you really are still kind of working or when you fly across the country for Christmas to stay with family you definitely are still working because you beed an excuse to get away.  It sounds kind of complicated but it all just worked out one way or another.

Their was trust all the way around and that crated for an amazing work experience.

But back to the product which was hangers which we sold online.  Who would have thought hangers would have been a hot commodity but they actually are.  Everyone needs them and wants them all the time at reasonable prices.  Their are actually different styles of hangers and that is what amazed me.  I always thought hangers were hangers and obviously they are not.

Which got me thinking.  One always thinks that in order to make a lot of money you have to have this big grand idea and make this huge business.  In reality with the internet all you have to do is find a product that people buy everyday and make it a little unique and affordable and you will sell a lot.  Like hangers, pencils or cell phone cases.

When I thought about this the world opened up to me.  I was transformed and ideas just kept flowing into my mind and the world for once was my oyster.

All I can say was that this cubicle was definitely one I wished I could have stayed at forever.  It was fun and inspiring.  I actually wanted to go to work believe it or not.

But the party eventually had to end.  The company somehow got absorbed into Amazon.  The details were not really clear to me what happened but all I know I was out of a job and I had bills to pay so I had to put my dreams and inspirations on hold for a while.

Non Cubicle Disaster

Most of my jobs have been in cubicles but I have had some that were primarily outside the office.

I tried the work form home bit for a while.  It sounds real enticing and glamorous because you can work in your pajamas and take a break whenever you want.  But in reality it was really lonely and miserable.

The job was made to sound like it was going to be the dream job where I can make my own hours and do whatever I wanted as long as the work got done.  The company actually was a really good company to work for that really worked with their employees.  I feel that if the circumstances were different I would have been with that company a long time.  The company was Nike of all companies.

I am a huge sports enthusiast and really love anything sports.  Plus I grew up in the 80’s when Nike had really cool commercials so I love the brand.  So I thought I landed my dream job.  Actually I did land my dream job but working at home ended up being a nightmare for me.

It gets real lonely when you work at home.  It’s really isolating and just not good.  It seemed like my purpose was gone and I didn’t care about my appearance or anything anymore.

My excitement and interaction with people everyday was when I went to Starbucks and the grocery store everyday.  You could say I felt like a walking zombie.

Their is also some satisfaction when you are able to leave work and then come home and purely relax.  When you work form home that luxury is just gone because you are always at work and you are always thinking why should I not be doing some work since I am home here and so is my office.  So in reality I was working around the clock and I had no time to let loos and real at home.  My home because a dungeon.

I was starting to hate my personal compute and my home.  Maybe I was going a little crazy but oh well that happens I guess.

Their is something to be said about being in an office and around people.  You may think that you can’t stand some of the people you work with but in reality they make for some really good stories at the bar after work with your friends and coworkers.

The office environment is actually pretty cool.  We are made to think it sucks but in all reality it is fun and entertaining.  Plus it’s really nice to leave it and put it behind you when it’s time to go home of the night.  And the water cooler talk is the best.  Every office I have been in has had awesome water cooler gossip.  I love the water cooler gossip.  I say leave the home behind and work at an actual office.  If you’re an outside salesman where your house is your home base that is different but an office job at home suck and I would not recommend that to anyone.

I say bee cool and stay in an office.

Unfortunately I had to quit that job because I was literally going nuts at home.  I loved the job and the company but for my own mental health I had to move on.

My Second Cubicle

This story is obviously going to be about my second most glorious job.  I’m sure you can tell by the title that this is about my second job.  Now don’t think that you are going to start seeing a pattern here.  I am not going to be naming every post here my 3rd or 4th cubicle but I figured I might as well name this my second cubicle.

My second job was less glamorous and a lot less fun than my first job.  This one I was actually qualified for and it was the typical start at the bottom type of job.  It was one of those jobs you see at every college job fair.  The typical dead end resume builder job.  You know the ones with crappy pay and crappy hours but have the promise of gaining you experience so you can either move up the ladder or get hired on some where else that needs someone with some type of experience.

And yes this job was Enterprise Rent A Car.

Yes go ahead and laugh but it really was a good starter job.  It was good for me to gain some confidence and see how capable I really was.

What I was really surprised by was I was actually really with.  If you have just an ounce of common sense then you have what it takes to succeed in the rental car game.  I was amazed by how many people last basic common sense.  I really felt like I was Einstein some times.

I was your basic B average student in college.  I was not naturally smart but worked hard to get my B average.

But for some reason when you get to the working world you have this sense that everyone is smarter than you.  But what you soon realize is that everyone actually is not.  What it really comes down to is that the people that hove confidence and take action combined with common sense are the ones that get ahead. It seemed like a lot of the people at my office at this job had none of that.

When I walked into the room it would go silent because people wanted to hear what I was going to say and what direction to go.

I would have to say that this was an excellent starter job and it was really good at showing my that it really was not that hard to get started in the working world and that I could do what it takes to support myself.

I actually tried hard at this job even though in reality I really did not have to try but I at least put in a good effort.  It’s easy to have a positive attitude and try hard when you feel like you are a rock star and are really appreciated.  I will never forget that feeling because it really made me try hard at my job.  I don’t know but I think Enterprise was and is really onto something.  If your employees feel good about themselves they will work hard.  That is a concept you will hear me talk about a lot because it is something I run into a lot on both sides of the coin.

I soon moved onto a bigger and better job after that but I will never forget it.

It was a truly fun and good job.

My First Cubicle

First of all please check out my about me page to learn who I am and kind of what this website is going to be about.

As you know already I probably have had every possible crappy job their is to have that involves being stuck in a cubicle.  I have had some jobs that are outside a cubicle but those are all high school and before type jobs.

I don’t know how it is possible but I probably know all of the manufactures of cubicles and office furniture because I have spent countless hours staring at the walls of so many cubicles.  I honestly would have to say that my 2 favorite manufactures of office furniture and cubicles is Steelcase and Herman Miller.  Thats right I have had some high class cubicle jobs because their stuff is not cheap by any means.  Go ahead and check out their prices for yourself and make sure you are sitting down first.

So I figure it is only prudent to talk about my first and very brief cubicle job in my very first post.

Drum please.

Right out of college I got a job and it was actually very high level as an insurance broker.

I literally only lasted 2 weeks.  I felt like I was Kramer in that one episode of Seinfeld where he somehow got a job and he went for a while and acted important and he and nobody else really knew what he was doing.

Yes that was me.

I conned my way into the job to agreeing to everything in the interview and they hired me on the spot and unfortunately I could not say no on the spot.  So I accepted it graciously and took the signing bonus and spent it all at the bar that night celebrating.  Celebrating what I didn’t know but I was celebrating.

Then the first day came and I literally just sat in my cubicle waiting for the training to start.  Eventually the training which lasted a day and then I went back to my cubicle and started to stare at the wall for a few hours thinking what was I doing and then started to read the training material.

The next couple of weeks was kind of a blur because I was lost and had no idea what I was doing on.  The best part of the day was going to lunch with everyone and getting bombed.  Then I would come back and take a short nap to sleep off the food and beer.

And then afterwork I would go out with everyone and drink and pretend with them that we loved our job.  I usually would get blacked out make an ass out of myself and then take a taxi home and do it all over again the next day.

After 2 weeks of totally faking it and not even really trying because I really hated everything about the company I quit.  I had dreams of doing the rage quit by throwing everything all over the place, yelling at my boss and storming out but that really didn’t happen at all.

At the end of the day I walked into my bosses office and said I was quitting.  My boss was cool about it because he said he was going to fire me any ways because he could tell I was not a good fit.  So we then preceded to go out to the bar and get hammered together.  He is actually a really goes friend on mine today.  Kind of weird but true.

Work friendships can be kind of weird like that.  Kind of hard to explain but true.  Most are extremely fake but sone are real.  I will go into that in later posts because I have had my fair share of work friendships and know what they are all about.